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Choctaw SAP
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How to Donate To SAP

There are many types of tax deductible gifts you can give the Scholarship Advisement Program (SAP) – and you can specify how your gift will be used.

Types of Donations

  • Personal check or cashier’s check (the most frequently used method - please print the donation form below and attach with your check).
  • Pledge an amount to be paid in installments
  • In-Kind gifts
  • Matching gifts from employees and their company
  • Real Estate
  • Stocks
  • Tangible personal property
  • Non-traditional investments
  • Planned Giving (by will or life-income)

Specify How Your Gift is Used
You can designate how your gift to SAP will be used:

  • To help build an endowment (which will be matched by the Choctaw Nation) guaranteeing future security.
  • General, unspecified gift to be used as needed.
  • Scholarships for Choctaw students
  • A specific use or program for which no special fund has been established.

Three Ways to Donate

  1. Click here to view SAP's Donation Form. Simply print, complete and mail with your gift.
  2. I’m Interested in donating to SAP - but have questions. CLICK HERE
  3. I’m ready to donate to SAP – Right Now via Pay Pal.

For More Information About Donating to SAP

Shauna Williams, Donor and Scholarship Development
1-800-522-6170 Ext. 2383

1-580-775-5671 (Mobile)

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