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News Archive  |  June 2009 Issue

What to Do in Each High School Year in Order to Prepare for College

Whatís the most important thing a motivated student (and parent) can do to ensure a successful college experience? Ask that question of the Choctaw Scholarship Advisement Program (SAP) and the answer will be a quick, one-word response: Plan.

"Starting early, and then following a well-designed action plan for each year of high school is the best way to prepare for college,Ē says Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Chief, Gregory E. Pyle. "Thatís why our SAP program has developed a College Planning Timeline to guide CNO scholars and parents through the process,Ē Chief Pyle adds. The plan is available from SAP, and can be downloaded from its Web site.

SAPís College Planning Timeline lists action steps for fall, spring and summer for sophomore, junior and senior years of high school. The list of action steps is based on best practices and recommendations of SAPís staff. Many recommended activities repeat through each year Ė like taking SAT and ACT tests multiple times in order to boost scores. Other activities, such as scheduling college visits, are more important at specific times and grade levels.

While SAPís planning guide includes activities all motivated students should follow, the plan also lists important opportunities that are only available to Native American students.

Whatís the first action step SAP recommends? It starts at the beginning of the fall term of the sophomore year. "Itís the most important action,Ē says SAP Director Jo McDaniel. "Students and parents need to join SAP. Itís free. And our resources and our staff are making a heartwarming difference in the lives of CNO students. All CNO college-bound students should join SAP.Ē

Click Here to download SAPís College Planning Timeline.




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