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News Archive  |  June 2009 Issue

What Scholars Should be Doing During Summer By Grade Level

Hereís a list of summer activities SAP recommends for CNO students by grade level. A more detailed list Ė SAPís College Prep Timeline Ė shows what students should be doing year-round by grade level and is available from SAP and is also posted on SAPís Web site.

Freshman Summer

The summer after the ninth grade is a good time to strengthen skills with summer school or special classes. This can be a time to skip ahead in a math track by taking a class that prepares students for an honors or advanced-level course or perhaps taking an intensive math course that hones skills that need sharpening. Other students use this summer to take composition or creative-writing courses to strengthen their writing skills. Itís also a good time to take an ACT/SAT (Workshops are free from the SAP Program and a schedule iis posted on SAPís Web site). The ACT can be taken as often as a student wants. Nearly all CNOís best scholars have taken the test multiple times Ė and have increased their scores by doing so.

Sophomore Summer

Sophomores who arenít already members should join the Scholarship Advisement Program immediately Ė and begin seeking counsel from SAPís staff.  Join SAP - membership is free. Itís also a good time to apply for any financial aid programs for which you may be available such as "Oklahomaís PromiseĒ (SAP can help you apply). After taking a free SAP ACT Workshop, take the ACT and the SAT tests in the sophomore summer, then prepare for the PSAT exam (PSAT determines National Merit Scholars during the Junior year).

CNO students should also attend College Horizons and similar SAP approved programs specifically designed to help Native Americans. Above all, this is a summer to read, work or pursue a passion Ė and be involved in community or Native American activities (see the list on SAPís Web site).

Junior Summer

The Junior summer is a busy and important one with a long "to doĒ list according to SAP. This is the summer for college visits and College Horizons. Students should also set up and complete a Common Application Ė a service that provides applications online and in print Ė which students may submit to any of nearly 350 member colleges and universities. Start organizing and reviewing applications. Draft college essay and supplemental essay questions. Create a resume of activities, work experience, interests and community service. Begin researching scholarships. Above all, contact SAP for free access to our custom-built Native American Scholarship Database (now in development, but scheduled for release this summer). Juniors should have a productive summer: work, study, community service and summer reading. Study SAT and ACT prep materials such as Kaplan study guides and courses. Plan any remaining college visits and interviews for the fall.

Senior Summer

This, of course, should be a summer where your hard work has paid off. Best advice: Get a good job, save money for college Ė or seek an internship in line with your interests or your passions. Begin taking college courses early. Investigate summer programs and attend college orientation, if applicable. This is also a good time to do volunteer work.




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