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SAP Scholarships

The scholarships listed below are only available to members of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. Scholarships listed below are also listed in the CNO Scholarship Database

 Flintco Scholarship
To qualify the student must be in a four or five-year construction management or construction science degree program, or a closely related field approved by Flintco.

 The O.J. and Mary Christine Harvey Foundation Scholarship
The O.J. And Mary Christine Harvey Foundation will award a $5,000 scholarship to a sophomore or above with a GPA of 2.7 or above per term. Student must show a financial need. Student must attend Southeastern Oklahoma State University.

 Louie LeFlore/Grant Foreman Scholarship

The Louie LeFlore/Grant Foreman Scholarship is awarded to members of the Five Civilized Tribes who reside in the state of Oklahoma and within the jurisdictional boundaries of their tribes. The scholarship is restricted to students majoring in nursing (R.N./B.S.) pre-professional health or professional health area. The scholarship is given each year to a student who has excelled in the professional health areas. The scholarship is awarded to a Choctaw student every five years and in 2014 a Choctaw student will be eligible to receive the scholarship.  Applicants must provide a letter of acceptance into an accredited R.N./B.S. nursing program, a pre-health professions program or health professions school such as University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma state University-College of Osteopathic Medicine, Tulsa, or Southwestern State university College of Pharmacy, Northeastern State University School of Optometry.

Click here for application.

Tvshka Chunkash (Heart of a Warrior) Scholarship

The Tvshka Chunkash Scholarship is a $2000.00 scholarship offered through the Choctaw Nation Scholarship Advisement Program. Choctaw Nation Tribal members who are enrolled in SAP and are attending an accredited college or university are eligible to apply. The award is given on behalf of the veterans of the Afghan and Iraq wars. This scholarship is a onetime award.

The applicant must submit a 500 word essay on how the war in Afghanistan or Iraq has affected their life and educational goals. All submissions are due to SAP by August 1st.

Click here to download and print Tvshka Chunkash essay guidelines.

Leading With Diligence

The Leading with Diligence Scholarship is a $1000.00 scholarship offered through the Choctaw Nation Scholarship Advisement Program. This scholarship was created and is funded by United States Corps Captain David Dixon. The scholarship will be available to a Choctaw student who plans to enter a field of public service after graduation. The preferred fields are those dealing with national security or diplomacy such as the military, State Department, FBI, and CIA. Preference will be given to a freshman male. This scholarship is a onetime award.

The Tina Willis Memorial Scholarship

The Tina Willis Memorial Scholarship is offered by the Tina Willis Memorial Scholarship Committee in honor of the wife, mother, and social worker at the Choctaw Nation Outreach Services' Youth Outreach Program. She took great pride in being able to help the youth she worked with be successful in all their endeavors. This competitive award is a onetime scholarship ranging from $500-$1000 available to Choctaw students majoring in Criminal Justice or Social Work and requires a brief essay on why you want to obtain your degree, what it means to you to be Choctaw, and how will you apply the social work or criminal justice degree to your Choctaw community.

Click here for application. The deadline to apply for this scholarship is August 1st.

Wilson-Hooper Veterinary Medicine Assistance Program.
This program is designed to help Choctaw students in their pursuit of various degree programs associated with veterinary medicine, to include associate degrees in vet tech. Funding ranges from $1000 - $4000 per year. For more information, click here.

Oklahoma Christian MBA Scholarship Opportunity

The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Scholarship Advisement Program and Oklahoma Christian University are launching a new MBA scholarship program for tribal members. According to Dr. Ken Johnson, chair of the Graduate School of Business at OC, this scholarship program will encourage and assist tribal members in seeking an advanced degree, which can be extremely beneficial in not only finding employment, but enhancing careers. 
Johnson anticipates that most if not all of the Choctaw students will complete the MBA program online. "Being able to complete our fast-track MBA program online is certainly an attractive feature for students who are pressured for time with job and family commitments,” he said. "Our curriculum’s emphasis on ethics, practical knowledge and real-world application, is very attractive to employers who highly value those attributes. Communication, economics, finance, global perspectives, leadership, management, marketing, organizational issues, and technology are taught by faculty members who bring a wealth of business experience and academic preparation to the classroom.”
The MBA program grants admission for the fall, spring, and summer semesters.

Heinz College - Choctaw Nation Scholarship Program

Carnegie Mellon University’s H. John Heinz III College, in partnership with the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma’s Scholarship Advisement Program, is pleased to announce the creation of the Heinz College – Choctaw Nation Scholarship Program.

This scholarship program is designed to provide financial support for participants who have been nominated by the Scholarship Advisement Program staff and who also have successfully completed their bachelor’s degree. 

Starting in 2012, Heinz College will award the scholarship to Choctaw students who are entering one of the College’s full-time graduate degree programs. The award will be made at the time of admission (no separate application is necessary). To be considered for the scholarship, Heinz College applicants should contact the Scholarship Advisement Program in order to be considered for nomination. The students who are nominated will receive at least $6,000 per semester, and most students will receive more.

To learn more about the Heinz College or the partnership, please contact David Eber, Director of Admissions & Financial Aid, at or 412-268-3347, or complete a brief prospective student profile.   

The Wake Forest University Schools of Business

The Wake Forest University Schools of Business Master of Arts (MA) in Management is designed specifically for recent liberal arts and science graduates; the program broadens students' education beyond the focus of their undergraduate studies. The MA in Management program's learning environment is experiential and hands-on, emphasizing the value of teamwork and collaboration in solving problems. The WFU-SB/CNO partnership also will provide the following:

  • two Choctaw Scholars for the Master of Arts in Management Program beginning in 2011
  • scholarship funds for the CNO scholars
  • free tutoring for all Choctaw students
  • mentoring support for Choctaw students from business professionals from the WFU-SB Executive Partners Mentorship Program.


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